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Cars, Chairs and Boots in USA

Cars, Chairs and Boots in USA

Well known for coming out with the best and the new kind of products, would always be the USA. Now, what are the products that I am talking about? The Tesla Roadster electric sports car is one. It is green, goes from 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds, and eats a Prius for lunch. A car not for the soccer moms, it is from the first new American car company since the DeLorean. Tesla clubs America’s two most favorite toys – Silicon Valley and environmental friendliness.

The Tesla drivers are getting 200 plus miles from the battery operated technology. It is the first American car company to go public since the Ford family issued a common stock in 1956. It is too soon to know whether Tesla’s 2012 electric sedan would take off, but the talks have already begun. The second product that comes to our notice is the Herman Millers Chair. Especially from the time of the internet boom, the Aeron chair desk chair has been the status symbol. It was not only ergonomic, but it was fashioned in a way it could be hung from the wall. The designs of this chair are even kept in the Museum of Modern Design in New York. The chairs have become so popular, that it is possible to come up with a configuration for a new product every 16 seconds, for these Aeron chairs.

The company has been selling the Eames chair too, every since its launch half a century ago. Another product that should gain entry into this list is the LL Bean’s Maine Hunting st louis cardinals t shirt . These are great tall boots, which would last in any weather. They would survive for decades to come. Since the company has given a hundred percent guarantee, they’re extremely popular with the buyers. In case you don’t like the boots, they would make amends.

write by Drake