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Decorating Tips From A-Z

Decorating Tips From A-Z

This is a simple list of favorite decorating tips to try. Mix and mingle them, and let your imagination soar. Truly, in decorating your home, only the sky is the limit!

A is for Accessorize. Accessories are the personality of any décor.

B is for Books. A well-kept bookshelf with all the books neatly lined up is a statement by itself. Mingle some collectibles to soften the lines of the books.

C is for Color. The choice of colors throughout your home shows your personality. Remember the color formula- 50% of the main color; 30% of a secondary color; and 20% of an accessory color.

D is for DeClutter. Grouping knickknacks on a tray on the coffee table gives you a clean, uncluttered look. Easier to clean the grouping, as well!

E is for Electronics. Mix your technology into your décor, i.e. flat screen televisions, instead of trying to hide it and not succeeding. A smart looking flat screen is much more attractive than a dated television stand. There are also some great looking armoires and entertainment centers that integrate electronics seamlessly into a room.

F is for Frames. When displaying family photos, keep all of the frames the same type (metal, wood, glass) within the grouping. The photographs will pop out, not the frames that are holding them.

G is for Greenery. Use green plants to soften the look in a room. Live plants are great and beneficial to the air, but if they are not healthy looking, dispose of them. Artificial plants have come a long way, and are quite attractive.

H is for Handmade. Handmade items add personal flair to your space and make it a home. They tell the stories of your travels, hobbies, and lifestyle.

I is for Immaculate. Clean, sparkling windows are the home’s best décor accessory- the jewelry of the house.

J is for Jute. Switch out your area rugs in the summer with natural products like jute and sisal for a “cottage, vacation home” feel.

K is for Kitchen. Natural surface countertops like quartz, granite, and poured concrete are still all the rage in kitchen décor.

L is for Lighting. There are 3 types of lighting- general, task, and ambience. General lighting is the overhead lighting, task is for a specific area (reading light), and ambience throws off a warm glow. Most rooms need to have all three types for proper lighting.

M is for Mirrors. Framed mirrors, like artwork, are a finishing touch in entry spaces and bathrooms. Also use mirrors to enlarge a small space or reflect a pretty view from a window.

N is for Niches. Niches are great spots to try a bold paint color and accessorize with a striking piece of art. It,s usually not a functional space, so decorate it with abandon!

O is for Oranges. Nothing makes a prettier centerpiece than an abundance of fruit in a container. For maximum impact, try using only one type of fruit in a bowl, like all oranges or apples, instead of a mix.

P is for Paint. Update your room by trying out a new paint color or faux finish. It gives you instant impact at a low cost!

Q is for Quick Change. Change your pillows, artwork, throws, even accessories, seasonally and you will not tire of them as quickly.

R is for Rugs. Area rugs define a conversation area and can be used over any type of flooring to make a statement. Available in a huge selection of patterns and price points, rugs are the “must have” accessory in your home.

S is for Surf and Sand. This is the most popular color combination of the past few years. All shades of blues and browns work together- just look at the beach for inspiration!

T is for Table Linens. Table linens, runners, placemats add warmth and depth to your table settings. Layer them in varying patterns and colors for a rich look.

U is for Umbrella Stand. Brightly colored umbrellas in an attractive stand by the front door are both playful and practical.

V is for Violet. A touch of purple in every room will make all the other colors sing. Try it- it really works!

W is for watches. Actually, clocks. Clocks are a timeless, yet trendy accessory. Group a collection of clocks together on a wall or display them on a mantel or bookshelf.

X is for X-ray. Not literally an x-ray, but rather black and white photography. It makes for great artwork, framed simply in black metal with no matting, so that the subject of the photo is what you notice.

Y is for Yellow. Soft, muted golds and yellows are the new neutrals. They work especially well with colors found in nature- greens, browns, and blues.

Z is for Zebra. Animal prints are still going strong in décor. The “it” animal for this year is the panther. Bring a touch of the safari into your home with a leopard throw or zebra rug- of course, environmental and animal friendly!

write by Agatha