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Different Varieties of Persian Rugs

Different Varieties of Persian Rugs

If you want to see the true beauty of Persian handicrafts you must go and buy the captivating rugs and carpets from Persia. Rugs are one of the finest crafts of Persia and are centuries old. No doubt that they are expensive but they deserve the high price as they are amazingly attractive. They are luxurious, stylish, sophisticated and comfortable.

Their making is very interesting and the skilled craftsmen of Iran make striking designs and styles of rugs and carpets that can adorn your home and make it more appealing. The more knots a Persian los angeles dodgers st louis cardinals hoodie has the more superior in quality it will be. So when buying Persian rugs do look out for these important things so that you don’t end up buying low quality or fake carpets.

Persian carpets are very unusual that makes them a very popular item to decorate homes. Whoever goes to the East don’t miss a chance to buy these gorgeous rugs. To ensure then originality you can ask for an authentication certificate from the store and it will also help you in future if you wish to sell you carpet.

The different varieties of Persian carpets include; Afshar Rugs, Tabriz Rugs. Kashan Rugs, Kerman Rugs (known as Persian city rugs) and Baluch Rugs, Shiraz Rugs, Wiss Rugs (known as Persian tribal rugs). All these are wonderful and have unique designs and motifs. People who love geometric pattern can go for Asfar carpets with beautiful motifs and colors. If you want geometric patterns in soft colors like pink, peach, camel, beige, and ivory then Tabriz rugs can be the best choice. Hand woven rugs like Shiraz and Baluch are truly amazing. Different colors and materials are used to make this diverse range of Persian carpets.

write by Nicole Putt