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Pretty in Pink Or Not – Ideas for Decorating A Girl’s Room

Pretty in Pink Or Not - Ideas for Decorating A Girl's Room

Decorating a girl’s room is more than throwing down a few unicorn pillows and putting up flowery wall paper.  A girl wants a room that she identifies with.  It has to be cute but more than that, it has to be HER version of cute.  It also has to be flexible enough to change with her changing definition of what her version of cute is as she grows up.  With that in mind, here are a few suggestions that might fit the bill for your girl’s room.

The Princess Room– I know it’s cliché but that’s because for so many girls, it really does work. Disney has established the princess theme as a permanent fixture in the world’s collective psyche, so the princess room is almost a default.  Here you have two main options- go the traditional full pink or start with a more neutral tone and build your palace from that. We have all seen the pink princess room in various versions so let’s focus on the alternative. First of all start with your neutral walls. Select an elegant yet age appropriate bed. A white canopy bed or sleigh bed would be great. For a splash of color, use a pink area rug. Then search for accents that are regal yet not overstated such a silver toned picture frames, pretty lamps or lighting fixture. These will allow the room to grow with your princess. For a young princess be sure to include a table and chair for coloring and tea parties and a chest for dress-up clothes.

The Garden Room– Bring the outdoors in and have springtime all year round in your daughter’s room. Start with light yellow walls to be bright yet not keep her up at night. Then add a flower shaped rug. Consider adding white wainscoting for an almost picket fence feel to the room. Have your budding gardener help you find a nice floral bedding set and accent with floral pictures, or a vase for fresh flowers when possible and buy a nice artificial set for the remainder of the year.

Tropical Beach Room– This is a great elegant idea especially for the teens and above- not to childlike but still room for fun and whimsy.  What’s better than a sunset on the beach? Take a favorite paint card and paint stripes around the room using wide bands of  a few colors in order from the bottom with the lightest shade for a continuous sunset. Yes, I know it is a lot of color but that’s OK because this is the main color in the room. Add a bamboo area philadelphia phillies t shirt to the floor and shadow boxes with shells and other beach souvenirs to the walls.

Color-block– For an older motif with great flexibility, try color-blocking the room. First select three to four colors that go well together. Paint the wall a neutral color and then tape off boxes or various sizes on the walls to paint your chosen colors. Add a flokati area rug, for a soft texture in the room.  Purchase solid color bedding sets that contains one of your selected colors. Furniture should be of a traditional or clean-lined style.

write by Tucker