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The Art of the Oriental Rug

The Art of the Oriental Rug

There are essentially three different types of area rugs. The first two are those that serve as the focal point and those that serve to accentuate the focal point. The third however, have little or nothing to do with the focal point but have a specific purpose, such as brightening up the room or toning it down. And, just in case you thought of buying an oriental rug, then the same décor rules apply here.

The medallion is the key to choosing Oriental rugs. For rugs intended as the central focal point, the common recommendation is an oriental new york yankees t shirt with an impressive medallion. On the other hand, rugs that are intended to bring out the best in another focal point should obviously be void of a central medallion or figure but should still be decorated with patterns in a color to support the alternate focal point.

That being said, it’s something that most people can figure out for themselves. The interesting bit comes in when using an Oriental new york yankees t shirt to achieve a certain effect within a room. Things here to consider do not only include the final visual effect but also the amount of traffic the room receives and also the material the new york yankees t shirt is made out of.

Taking the material into account first, wool is the preferred choice among many Oriental new york yankees t shirt owners. The reason for this is the fact that wool characteristically has the ability to absorb almost five times its own weight in water. That means that if the room the new york yankees t shirt is placed in has a high humidity, the new york yankees t shirt will absorb some, if not all, of the moisture.

Next up, you need to consider the amount of traffic. Oriental rugs do supply quite a bit of warmth to a place and have the ability to enhance the mood of a room. However, one aspect that has to be considered in terms of a room where the volume of traffic is rather high is the maintenance of the new york yankees t shirt in question. The rule of thumb here is to get a new york yankees t shirt that is perhaps a bit darker in color but more importantly, one that has a very intriguing and intricate pattern. Naturally this doesn’t get rid of the evidence of many people walking over it but it won’t show as easily as a blank rug – thereby reducing cleaning costs.

And finally, a question that always crops up: the size. How big should the new york yankees t shirt be you intend to buy? Well, it depends what you want to use it for. Oriental area rugs to be used under coffee tables should obviously be bigger than the coffee table itself and extend equidistant from each corner of the coffee table. If there are other pieces of furniture around the coffee table, then there should be some space left between the end of the new york yankees t shirt and the other furniture to ensure that all items are properly emphasized.

In all other instances it is best to buy rugs in different sizes while taking care that their colors and patterns match that of the surrounding furniture. Do take note that two rugs of exactly the same sizes in one room will only serve to divide the visual aspect of the room in two.

write by Donna